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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bidayuh's want Chairmanship of Padawan or else?....

The natives of state constituencies of OPAR, BENGOH and SERIAN have said what need to be said.  Appoint the Chairman of Padawan Municipal Council a Bidayuh figure or else we'll not support Taib and his cronies in the next Sarawak State general election.  The next Sarawak State General Election will be held sometime before July 2011.

SUPP's attempt to place a Chinese to fill the seat after the incumbent Tan Joo Phooi was appointed Asst. Minister in the Chief Minister's Office was seen as disrespectful and arrogant by the Bidayuh who formed the majority voters in the three state seats of Opar, Bengoh and Serian.
The SUPP leadership has postponed this decision to calm down the anger of the Bidayuh.

And while in procrastination, they failed to regain their stronghold in Sibu Parliamentary by-election (P.212) and instead gave away the Parliamentary seat  to DAP. In Sibu,  the natives were the kingmaker because the Chinese were divided, even though they are in the minority. 

 A little of logic would safely conclude that in the three state seats( Opar, Bengoh and Serian)  in Kuching and Samarahan Division where they form the majority, their demand is no less important to SUPP now.
It would be a total disaster if SUPP were to go ahead with its decision to plant another Chinese to the Padawan Chairmanship post. If that happens, the natives will harden their resolve to teach George Chan and SUPP another lesson not well-learnt :- vote against the State BN in the next general election.

It is not only the voices of the Chinese in Sibu that need to be heard.  The natives also have their voices that should be heard by the Chinese leadership in SUPP.

Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban!

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