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Monday, June 28, 2010

10th Sarawak State Elections - a difference

Taib's " Politics of Development " to go out of the window !

The last general election was held on May 20, 2006.  In the coming State Elections slated to be held before July 2010, the ruling coalition mix of parties comprising of PBB, SUPP, SPDP and PRS will try their best to cling to power.
What is the difference this time around?
The big difference come the 10th Sarawak State Elections is that the incumbent will be faced with a more solidified alternative front parties which included the better performing ones from Semenanjung or Peninsular Malaysia with proven record in governing four states with their alternative ideology.  On top of DAP, PKR and PAS the Sarawak state opposition party called SNAP will also join the alternative front.
So there you are. The main advocates of democracy and justice will once again have the opportunity to win over the hearts and minds of local voting Sarawakians to their varied manifestos and agendas.
However, this time the "political mood" of Sarawak is different than four years ago.  Today the rakyat or the peoples of Sarawak feel that Taib has overstayed his period of chief ministership and has been likened to the iron-fisted Lee Kuan Yew.  There has been a growing agitation in the last few years from peoples of the streets, kampungs , longhouses and especially the nomadic huts of the Penans to push for his removal from
Sarawak's politics.
The anguish arose from Taib's " Politics of Development" which only saw the rich become richer and the poor more poor in Sarawak.  Most who benefited from Taib's politics are his cronies, family members, and individuals who are politically- linked to him.  The people now want to change all this.  This is the difference the rakyat will make in the coming 10th State  General Elections.

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