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Friday, June 4, 2010

The Marginalised Dayaks

                                                                                           The  BN Dayak leaders will not talk about it for fear their brethrens upstage a political protest of  unfair treatment by the ruling Dayak leaders in the BN.  Rural and marginalised Ibans would be instigated to fight for change in the government of the day.    But today a columnist says in no uncertain terms :  " Today, the Dayak people have benefited the least from the opening of educational opportunities for Sarawakian children.  The development of a balanced and prosperous Dayak middle class is still a communal dream, as the Dayak people sit at the bottom of the social ladder in terms of economic development.  It is a sad commentary on our poltical health that the Dayaks are the most marginalised community in our multiracial society" - Sim Kwang Yang.

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